ICO Group of Companies

The ICO Group of Companies serve as the comprehensive support and commercial development arm of various ICO affiliated entities that have been in operation since 1966.  Today, ICO has successfully established itself as a premier real estate development and management company.  Its portfolio contains over 3,000,000 square feet of residential, office, retail, and industrial properties owned and managed throughout California and the southwest.

Headquartered in Century City in Los Angeles, ICO has a history of long-term, well established relationships with its tenants, including many prestigious government agencies, due to its commitment to providing exceptional, top-quality service and accommodating specific and often unique tenant space requirements.

ICO is dedicated to the communities in which it invests.  The ICO Group of Companies has successfully proven its capabilities in implementing complex development projects involving both “from the ground up” construction and substantial renovation programs.

ICO is a family-office development company with long-term commitment to the neighborhoods in which its projects reside.  ICO actively considers its developmental impacts on the constituent neighbors and overall neighborhood.  Once a project is complete, ICO prefers to hold its projects long-term and be an active and productive member of the communities in which it invests.  ICO is part of numerous community, local government and charitable organizations.